By: Vera Anna

One of the first people I met, upon my landing at Eagles Nest, was Jonathan Barry. With his lively, warm hearted energy, he made me feel welcomed to his tribe from the moment that I met him. Speaking to Jonathan, I immediately sensed that he was someone with a vision, a clear intention, and an unwavering drive to succeed in anything he wanted to achieve. Unsurprisingly, he came to the Eagle’s Nest to host a retreat that he called ‘Vision Quest’.

Jonathan has been on an international speaking tour called the “Activate Tour” with the mission to activate Everyday Heroes, conscious entrepreneurs and change makers to revolutionize the way the world does business. He explained that when our inner soul calling is aligned with business, we can achieve “soul sustainability”. Our soul’s mission is what sustains us emotionally, spiritually, and financially. The events, retreats and workshops that he hosts with his company, The Mind Lab Institute, are aimed at helping participants find their inner call, and put their vision into action.

During his tour, Jonathan always sought out to connect with conscious community, host events, meet new friends, and co-create new opportunities. Lake Atitlán had already come to his attention a few times before meeting Eagles Nest Founder, Gregory Clough. After a phone call, together they came up with the Vision Quest. Jonathan shares that it was a wonderful experience to collaborate with Greg, who he describes as down to earth, creative, and passionate about the events produced at Eagles Nest. After the success of the event, they decided that they will be hosting another Vision Quest at the Eagle’s Nest this upcoming year, from January 4-7, 2020.

Jonathan truly has a captivating story. As a child he experienced a great deal of abuse that led him through a dark journey of trauma, suicide attempts, and depression. After a near death experience, he had a spiritual awakening and began to receive “downloads” and visions of his future, soon revealing his sacred mission on this planet.

It is Jonathan’s mission to help people transform their lives and create a sustainable planet. He sees himself being part of communities around the world to raise the consciousness of our planet and help people get a crystal clear vision on their mission and their strategy. Jonathan explains, “I want to continue to deepen my ability to experience deep states of joy and abundance and continue to allow for my soul to fully be expressed in this lifetime, with as much fun and dancing as possible.”

For the past few weeks, I have seen Jonathan’s joy many times – while dancing on the platform at Eagle’s Nest during our SunDance, inspiring people during the Vision Quest, or simply sharing an avocado with a new found friend.

With sparks in his eyes, Jonathan shares with me that he has fallen deeply in love with the community of San Marcos. After the successful Vision Quest retreat, he decided to stay for a month and enjoy the community. I truly share his feeling of love for San Marcos. It is truly a magical place which has emerged from different elements: the Mayan culture that made this land sacred; the volcanic energy; the depth and the stillness of the lake; and the people who have come here over the years to hold space for a spiritual community to emerge.

To me, it is no wonder that he looks forward to coming back January 2020 for another event at Eagle’s Nest.

By: Vera Anna

Vera is a life-loving enthusiastic, open-minded and open-hearted woman. She has been fascinated with how societies structure values and norms surrounding identity and sexuality and has dedicated her past few years to the scientific study of human sexuality. These days, she is focusing on a more spiritual way of approaching human behavior and sexuality. She aspires to make a connection with others through becoming deeply in tune with all parts of herself.

She enjoys working in hospitality and making people feel at home by nourishing their bodies with good food and a loving vibe. She also has worked with groups of young adolescents on breaking taboos such as sexuality, identity and mental health. She enjoys recharging and expressing herself most through dancing and making music – be it alone or with others.

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