By: Anna Merel

It takes courage to try something new, and decide to leave home behind and travel the world. It brings in a challenge to get off the path of least resistance. Traveling means pushing boundaries and opening up for changes in our lives. Traveling means basically facing our fears head on.

Leaping into the World of the Unknown…

As children, we were not taught how to embrace failures. Instead, we are instilled with the belief that we need to be perfect. With what’s left of our creativity, we try to prevent mistakes and live an easy life without any challenge. We don’t trust our capability to try, because we are afraid to fail, and thus, we end up with no confidence.

As I started to travel more, I realized that my confidence was growing. Why? Because I had the courage to pack my bags and get on the road. I had a commitment to prove to myself that I can do it on my own. I have shown that I am capable of taking care of myself while being away from home.

For sure I was afraid. I did something completely out of my comfort zone – everything was new, I was alone, I had no idea what I was doing and I was terribly afraid of snakes while being in nature.

For sure I made mistakes. I made wrong decisions, had times where I wasn’t eating healthy, I couldn’t keep up with my yoga practice and I walked into wrong places late at night.

For sure I had a lot of challenges. I got money stolen, I got sick in tropical countries, I paid for flights that I couldn’t enter and my parents came to visit (no offense mom & dad).

All the failure and struggle made me the strong woman I am today. As I’m trying new things, pushing my boundaries, not being afraid of failure and taking risks, I am able to blossom in unique and special ways. It makes me believe that if I am able to go through all of this, I can get through everything and anything.

As a result of confident, I am achieving my dreams, and as a result of achieving my dreams, I create confidence. In my case, I had a dream to travel the world. By succeeding this dream, I got confident. By building this confidence, I have more courage to create and achieve more and bigger dreams.

When the Traveler Settles…

At this moment of life, I decided to stop traveling and build something up in a place called San Marcos la Laguna in the Latino country Guatemala. I get amazingly inspired by this town because most of us living here traveled the world in the past and others staying in town are travelers going through the same process I experienced.

I realize how easy the connections are with others and how there is minimal judgment about failure. This town is blossoming in its unique and special ways as we try and take risks. By being less worried about failure, we open up to the most potent, transformative tool that we have: creativity.

Awakening our Creative Nature…

We, humans, live in an explosion of creativity and it’s time to wake up and use it!

Stop with the excuses! Can we stop telling ourselves we can’t because we don’t know how, or where to start? Can we stop believing that we are not going to be good at it or that we waste time just creating and being?

In the end, it doesn’t matter how good it is, just try.

“Artists grow over time, and failure is the engine that drives that process forward. In nature, it happens over thousands of years, and we call it evolution. In athletics, music, and some other disciplines, we call it practice. ” – Tyler Jones   

Embrace the fact that we will fail. However, we get to decide how we judge that failure. We can judge a mistake as an catastrophe or we can see it as a great life lesson. I choose the latter.

How are you building your confidence in expressing yourself and your creativity? Join us for our upcoming retreats or host one to empower others to be creative in the movement of their bodies, minds and spirits!

About Anna:

Originally from Holland, Anna came to San Marcos out of her passion for cooking and traveling. She uses her background in music to let her creative spirit soar in the kitchen and in her yoga and acroyoga practice. She is now turning her hobby of cooking into a career with launching the Eagle’s Café.

Anna is using her creative spirit to create a fresh and evolving menu complete with seasonal and local ingredients. She loves to have balance in her diet, with eating healthy meals while also indulging in some of her favourite desserts. Her vision for the café came out of this idea of balance as she offers both healthy and guilty pleasures. She is excited to be a part of the Eagle’s Nest team and work with her partner Greg to create nourishing and delicious meals for the body, mind and soul.

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