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Our Space

Take people to a paradise where they’ll never look back

A place where only the adventurous and courageous would unpack 

I’d heard of a mysterious nest – by a magical, mystical lake

Up in the Guatemalan mountains – where ancient volcanoes awake

A place where growns-ups remember how to play.

By Nial MagicGfind Mosharrafa

This is home, the Eagle’s Nest Atitlan. It is a home of choice, a home for our hearts.

Every day we choose how we want to live life. Everything we do is a choice. We choose to dream about the life we would like to live. How we can bring our highest excitements into realization. And this is where the Nest comes into play. Greg, the founder of the Nest, has manifested his dreams and created a fertile playground for imagination. A playground to explore, experiment and soar beyond… 

We joke sometimes that we are in Greg’s brain. Everything is energy, hence dynamic. And that’s how the Nest operates. We constantly re-invent and re-imagine this playground from a new perspective. We extend the invitation to everyone who is here – we co-create the space.

Come and see for yourself. Observe, participate, listen, chat, imagine, dream, dance, hang out, drink tea… Our passion lies in creating a community of open, liberated hearts that come together to explore, experiment and soar beyond.

The space is dynamic and offers a variety of events throughout the week. Find our full schedule click here. We also run a cafe, come up for a coffee or dive into our delicious meals, while soaking in one of the most beautiful views over San Marcos La Laguna.


This open air platform sits perched above Mayan village of barrios 2 San Marcos La Laguna. An immersive experience simply to be on the platform, contemplating and feeling Lake Atitlán, its energies, its volcanoes, its awe inspiring and breathtaking panoramic view. The platform has no boundaries and metaphorically speaks to the soul about the beyond. This means something else for every one. Find out what this means to you. You will feel that this beyond is not only possible, but it is here and now, around you, before you, it is a part of you and you are a part of it.

Built in the shape of a scallop shell, symbolic of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago (Saint James’ Way, in Spain), it measures approximately 15 × 9 meters and provides an area of 140 m2 / 1500ft2. The people capacity of the platform varies depending to the activity. 

Here are a few examples:

Yoga / AcroYoga: 35 – 45 pax

Meditation / Group Circles: 75 – 100 pax

Dance Events: 150 – 200 pax

Tea Lounge

The Tea Lounge is a cozy area that invites for socializing, dreaming, sharing meals, reading, working… 

The Tea Lounge is breaking out into different areas, giving you possibilities to decide which one you would like to dive in.

It is your dining room, your café space, your living room, your lounge and your hangout. This space has a calling for visionary artists to make their mark. It has been decorated with love and themes from different realms. It will most likely be part of the overall transmissions you capture from your experience at Eagle’s Nest and leave you in awe.

This is where our Eagle’s Nest cafe is located, inviting you to nourish yourself with healthy Vegetarian meals & snacks. Take a seat at its large bay windows to indulge in panoramic lake 


Our sauna design is custom made and has been inspired by world travels and the Mayan sauna culture (locally called “Temascal”). It is round and the entrance is made from the floor. Enter in from the ground, climbing up a ladder, entering different realms. Regressing back into the womb or wherever your journey might take you.

It can hold a capacity of 12 people seated and has been tastefully decorated with colorful art in the cupola. The Sistine Chapel of saunas is heated by firewood lit outside, burning in a rocket stove, designed to make the combustion more efficient compared to a regular chimney fire. Dip your toes – or your whole self if you dare – in the ice cold infinity plunge pool to cool off and rejuvenate.


Eagle’s Nest Cafe is located on-site in our tea lounge and provides delicious, healthy meals & snacks from Monday to Friday. We offer nourishing & mostly locally sourced Vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Snacks & beverages are available throughout the weekday.