Gregory Clough


Greg fell in love with the Guatemalan culture and people and decided it would be his forever home. He explored his entrepreneurship skills and owned and ran a bagel shop for ten years. He discovered spirituality when he took the moon course in San Marcos and was exposed to many different types of meditation, yoga and movement. He started a weekly Ashtanga yoga practice and found his passion for teaching and playing through the art of acroyoga. He moved to San Marcos with a newfound passion and vision for creating a space for intentional community to take place. He has a curious spirit and loves to explore different mindsets, heartsets and fusion disciplines. Greg can speak French, English, Spanish, German and Italian and loves, cats, travelling, and eating ice cream.

Anna Merel

Café Manager

Originally from Holland, Anna came to San Marcos out of her passion for cooking and travelling. She uses her background in music to let her creative spirit soar in the kitchen and in her yoga and acroyoga practice. She is now turning her hobby of cooking into a career with launching the Eagle’s Café. Anna is using her creative spirit to create a fresh and evolving menu complete with seasonal and local ingredients. She loves to have balance in her diet, with eating healthy meals while also indulging in some of her favourite desserts. Her vision for the café came out of this idea of balance as she offers both healthy and guilty pleasures. She is excited to be a part of the Eagle’s Nest team and work with her partner Greg to create nourishing and delicious meals for the body, mind and soul.

Randi Cruz

Creative Director

Randi is a fun-loving, forever student of life who loves exploring new modes of communication and how they allow us to speak our authentic truths. Randi helps us articulate our vision in ways that are more intentional and true to our spirit! She has a Masters in Communication and over 5-years of public relations experience in the performing arts community. Growing our global conscious tribe, as well as the diversity & inclusion of voices, are what motivate Randi to continue exploring communication as a consciousness-raising tool.

Jill Lacasse

Marketing Director

Jill is a health enthusiast passionate about holistic living through being conscious of the mind, body and spirit connection. Her love for health and wellness blossomed through her degree in Kinesiology, her research in social media and body image and teaching fitness classes. She completed a two month yoga internship in Hawaii and that was where she fell in love with travel and all things yoga - and knew it was her calling in life to share the ancient and healing practice. She is a free-spirited yoga teacher, harpist and sound healer that loves to bring bhakti, reflection and fun into every space she holds. She has taught in Peru, Guatemala, Canada and now in California, as she continues her yogi education through the path of Ayurveda. She finds balance and inspiration in her happy place of being in nature with instrument in hand, mantra in mind and surrounded by community. Her bold and bright spirit leads the way in helping shape her simple, community-based and nomadic life where she can inspire, teach and motivate others to live with mindfulness and purpose.

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Construction Manager

Wilmer is originally from the coast of Guatemala, from a town called Santa Barbara. He had worked on banana farms, macadamia farms, tree farms and as a bricklayer.  In his free time, he likes to collect firewood, watch TV and play soccer. 


Gardener & Coffee Keeper

Marcos' heart and a gentle spirit instantly calms you. He applies this same energy to his work, explaining that many people don’t have good harvests because they don’t treat the plants with care. It’s obvious that our plants respond to his love as he saved half the sickly crops through attention and dedication. Those plants are now some of the strongest! In his free time he enjoys cleaning his house, walking around town, and collecting firewood.

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