Eagle’s Nest Story

Eagle’s Nest is an awe-inspiring ecological resort and world-class event venue for the transformational growth of adventure travelers, artists and digital nomads. We are a community of international and national visionaries living our dreams amongst the volcanoes above Lake Atitlan. Our space exists to inspire our guests to ignite their inner-artist and build heart centred connections with like-minded community members while living in harmony with nature.

Our Founder

Eagle's Nest was founded by Greg Clough in 2016. It began as an Acroyoga space, but has now grown into an all-inclusive eco-conscious resort nestled in beautiful Lake Atitlan, San Marcos, Guatemala. Now, we are known internationally as a sanctuary where nature, wellness, and community intertwine, promoting transformative experiences for everyone that visits us.

Our Founder

Eagle's Nest was founded by Greg Clough in 2016. It began as an Acroyoga space, but it quickly grew with the creation of our event platform. This new space led us to hold weekly ecstatic dances and monthly music and art events. Now, we are known internationally for our world-class ecstatic dance and festival events.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To create a global community of connected, playful, liberated hearts

Our Mission

Our Mission

To bring people together to explore, experiment and soar beyond



Living within a strong sense of community with like-minded visionaries who support our dreams


Connecting with our inner child is an essential part of self understanding and personal growth


Thriving in a state of wholeness – to uplift each other to follow our dreams

Signature Experiences


Experience yoga, dance, circus arts and more above the clouds with our internationally known teachers.


Enjoy locally-grown food from our cafe made with love by our Guatemalan cooks. Healthy vegan & vegetarian options made with love.


Feel at home in our colorful private rooms and dorms with panoramic views of Lake Atitlán and its surroundings.


✰ Movement Medicine ✰ Mose Cacao Dance ✰ Solstice Festival ✰ Aguila Festival ✰ Mambe Concert


Magnets, mugs, flip-flops, notebooks, shirts, blankets, hats, totes...


Festivals, yoga, food, workshops, inspiration, travel, Give Back Program...

Mose Cacao

Cacao Dance is an ecstatic dance inspired community event guided by Mose

Solstice Festival

We are so pleased to announce the Solstice 2023 Music & Arts Festival.