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Yoga Classes Lake Atitlán

Join us on our sacred platform to take in the epic morning view and start your day with revitalized energy and a blissful heart!

Explore a variety of yoga styles in our daily yoga classes for beginners and intermediate participants. The classes last 90 minutes.

(Kindly informing you that all the classes are subject to change. Classes might be moved from the platform to the Shala, if the rain does not allow classes happening on the platform.)

Meet our beloved instructors:


Lau started her yoga journey 5 years ago with some on and off classes, but during pandemic yoga really became a part of her life: her everyday moment to connect to herself, her body, her thoughts, her emotions, her soul!

Last year she decided to deepen her practice and knowledge and immersed herself in a yoga teacher training in Colombia, an experience that changed her life and her path.

Back to Portugal, where she’s from, she started teaching yoga and sharing some guided meditations and pranayama and did an aerial yoga teacher training.

In her classes the goal is to guide people to connect with themselves on a deeper level, throught the practice of asanas, that strives to bring more awareness and connection to the body, mind and soul (to the inner self), guiding people to a more conscious and authentic way of living through yoga.


Rafa encountered yoga in 2007 during his university studies. Yoga had an attractive familiarity with the kind of focus and mind/body discipline he had been practicing in martial arts for over 10 years. By 2018, what initially started as an elective class done under the trees of the campus garden, had turned into a lifestyle and all year round healing medicine.

A teacher certification program in Ashtanga and restorative yoga became the ideal means for self regulation in the nomadic life of a Central America adventure tour guide who would take travelers to a new city every 3 nights. This deepening on knowledge in the practice meant that even with a fast pace travel life, yoga was that nurturing grounding practice that made any place be home. The intensity of Ashtanga and the replenishing medicine of Yin yoga became his balance in life and a passion shared with the clients that he took on the road for over 10 years.

This made Yoga become one of the main pillars of his life endeavors, so in early 2022 he took one more teacher certification to bring the creativity and freedom that vinyasa style class offers. This became a key add-on for the signature fire/water themed experiences that he and his beloved passionately create.



Alexandra is a Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Janzu Therapist, Tantra Teacher and Event Producer. She began her journey of teaching others to drop deeper into their bodies by finding their center, with “Indo Board” balance trainers, in 2016. Working with these tools allowed her to understand deeply how functional anatomy affects performance in the areas of balance and proprioception. From this base she integrated principles of yoga specifically regarding asana and breath practice effectively creating “Balance Board Yoga.”

She became a RYT 250HR teaching Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga in 2020. In 2022 she completed a 300HR RYT Training of Tantra Kriya Yoga with the Yoga Red Loto School from CDMX. She is a passionate explorer, and challenges her students to think outside the box with practices and connect more deeply with the worlds inside and around us. She currently runs “Atlachinolli Experiences” with her beloved, guiding students to fully embrace their various polarities in order to transcend and unify them.



Nicole earned her 200-hour yoga certification on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia where she also delved into the world of Pranic Energy Healing and earned her international certification.

Yet, Nicole’s journey doesn’t stop at yoga —she’s a certified HIIT instructor and a brain hacking coach that uses mindfulness techniques that blend science and spirituality.

Originally from Chicago, Nicole left behind her corporate life to seek a path of freedom, fulfillment, and deep connection to herself and others. Now it’s her mission to support others on their own enriching path to find fulfillment.

Nicole teaches a blend of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin. She incorporates her brain hacking and energy healing into her classes and invites students to deepen their connection to themselves. Her goal is simple: to help people reshape their mind’s narrative and discover their true selves.

Join Nicole in her grounded and inspiring classes.



What to bring

Comfortable clothes to stretch and work out in
Water container (for hydration) – You can refill with filtered water on-site.
We provide yoga mats, blocks & belts for the class.

Signature Experiences

Signature Experiences