Creating Transformative Experiences Together – Meet Our Partners

At Eagle’s Nest Atitlan, we believe in the power of collaboration and community. That’s why we have partnered with many organizations and centers who are on a similar mission. You can learn more about our partners here.

Kula Collective

Kula Collective is a renowed yoga school offering holistic, therapeutic, and embodied 200-hour & 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings all over the world. The collective was born at lake Atitlán and some of their trainings are hosted here. 

Join us for Kula Collective Yoga Teacher Trainings, led by experienced instructors who are dedicated to guiding you on your path to becoming a certified yoga teacher.

Off-site retreats

Forest Path

Forest Path is a living wisdom tradition based on experiential insight and teachings of transmission that comes through presence.

The Forest Path have offered meditation and ceremonial retreats and courses around the world for several years and seek to uphold a standard of excellence when it comes to “spiritual” teachings.

Experience the healing power of sound and embark on a journey of sonic exploration with our Sound Ceremony Sound Healing Certification Online. Led by Hayley and Jaya, the founders of Forest Path and Sound Ceremony, and renowed experts in the field of sound healing, this certification program will empower you to harness the transformative potential of sound to promote health, balance, and harmony in your life and the lives of others.

off-site retreats

Cacao Source

Ethically producing and sharing cacao by rebuilding inclusive collaborations and ecosystems.

Cacao source


ACROTANTRA brings together the spiritual teachings of Tantra and the physical challenges of Acroyoga to create a unique practice that elevates both body and spirit. By merging these disciplines, ACROTANTRA offers an innovative approach that transforms traditional shamanic spiritual teachings into an exploratory and playful experience.

Acrotantra Fest will be celebrated here at Eagle’s Nest from February 3 – 7, 2025!

Acrotantra Fest