Discover the Fusion of Tantra and Acroyoga

ACROTANTRA brings together the spiritual teachings of Tantra and the physical challenges of Acroyoga to create a unique practice that elevates both body and spirit. By merging these disciplines, ACROTANTRA offers an innovative approach that transforms traditional shamanic spiritual teachings into an exploratory and playful experience.

Empowerment Through Play

At the heart of ACROTANTRA is the use of play as a vehicle for empowerment. This practice encourages you to transcend your perceived physical and spiritual limits, guiding you towards a profound communion with your sacred self.

For Tantra Practitioners

ACROTANTRA provides Tantra practitioners with a dynamic way to embody Tantric principles outside of sexual contexts. It offers an opportunity to explore pleasure through creative physicality, enhancing your connection to your body and spirit.

For Yogis and Acroyogis

For those deeply rooted in Yoga and Acroyoga, incorporating Tantric principles into your practice pushes the boundaries of physical achievement and fosters a deeper relationship with your sacred self. The focus on conscious touch, physical communication, activation of pleasure, and intimate human connection transforms ACROTANTRA into a powerful agent of spiritual growth.

Join Us at Eagles Nest

Experience the transformative power of ACROTANTRA at our festival, where you can explore the synergy of Tantra and Acroyoga in a supportive and inspiring environment. Reconnect with your sacred self and discover new dimensions of physical and spiritual empowerment.

AcroTantra Festival - Eagle's Nest Atitlan - Lake Atitlan

What People say about Acrotantra Fest

I learned how to share intimacy in non sexual ways. In the past, I only reserved intimacy and vulnerability for sexual partners. The festival allowed me to open up to a whole new world of connection and play. Through surrendering to vulnerability and trust, I opened myself to more love and unity than I’ve ever felt in my life. I walked away from the festival with a lifelong community and a new perspective on intimacy.

Lexi Wylie

The atmosphere was very calm, safe and contained. Generally I need a lot more alone time, especially during festivals. This was not the case this time and I actually felt recharged instead of drained. Experiencing the connection of Tantra and AcroYoga has allowed me to bring more consciousness to my own practice and into my daily life. It was an amazing and unique experience that left me feeling energized, grateful and connected – to myself as well as others.

Sarah Castagne


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Most asked questions

ACROTANTRA is a unique practice that combines the spiritual teachings of Tantra with the physical challenges of Acroyoga. This fusion creates an innovative approach that enhances both body and spirit through exploratory play and shamanic spiritual teachings.

ACROTANTRA is designed for both Tantra practitioners and Yoga/Acroyoga enthusiasts. Whether you are experienced in these practices or new to them, ACROTANTRA offers valuable experiences and insights for all levels.

No previous experience is required. ACROTANTRA welcomes participants of all skill levels. Our instructors will guide you through the basics and help you deepen your practice, whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner.

In an ACROTANTRA session, you will engage in a variety of practices that blend Tantra and Acroyoga. These may include partner exercises, conscious touch, physical communication techniques, and playful exploration. Each session is designed to be a journey of discovery and empowerment.

Yes, ACROTANTRA is suitable for both individuals and couples. It offers a unique way for couples to connect on a deeper level, enhance their physical communication, and explore the principles of Tantra together.

Yes, safety is a priority in all ACROTANTRA sessions. Our instructors will provide guidelines and support to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all participants. Please communicate any physical limitations or concerns with your instructor before the session begins.

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Classes & Workshops

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