Cacao Source – Experience Authentic Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala

We are proud to offer you the best ceremonial cacao from Guatemala in collaboration with Cacao Source. Cacao Source is committed to preserving authenticity and outstanding quality by making sure that every batch of cacao can be tracked back to a single origin.

Unique Sourcing Areas

Cacao Source carefully sources cacao from different Guatemalan regions.

Isolated Mayan food forest communities that grow uncommon cacao strains can be found in these areas. These villages join the Cacao Source family by meeting stringent requirements such as having fair pay, organic soils, and a dedication to their rehabilitation programme.

Pure Origins of Unique Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao Source places a high value on purity; in their ceremonial batches of cacao, they never blend origins. With this method, each source may highlight its distinct scents, characteristics, and tales, providing a genuinely genuine experience.

Unifying Cultures through Cacao

Cacao Source aims to establish a deep and meaningful relationship between those who are passionate about cacao and the communities that grow this precious plant. Among their goals are:

Educating cacao enthusiasts on the specific circumstances, identities, and origins of their chocolate
enabling agricultural communities to comprehend how their work affects the world

Cacao source

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Ready to Experience the Magic of Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala?

We can’t wait to co-create cacao workshops with Cacao Source right here at Eagle’s Nest – all included in your stay.

Stay tuned for updates on this project and prepare to learn all about the sacred plant medicine of cacao!

In the meantime, learn more about the power of ceremonial cacao on our blog!

Most asked questions

Cacao Source meticulously sources Cacao from three distinct regions in Guatemala: Suchitepequez on the Pacific front, Alta Verapaz in central north Guatemala, and Izabal on the Caribbean front. Each region offers unique and rare Cacao strains cultivated by local communities.

The revitalization program focuses on improving the living conditions and economic stability of the farming communities. It includes initiatives to enhance agricultural practices, support community development, and ensure sustainable Cacao production.

By partnering with Cacao Source, we help support fair wages and sustainable farming practices. The communities gain awareness about the global impact of their labor and receive direct benefits from the revitalization program, improving their quality of life.

A: Cacao Source provides detailed information about the origins, contexts, and identities behind each batch of Cacao. We share this information with our customers to ensure transparency and to enhance your connection to the source of your ceremonial Cacao.

You can purchase Cacao Source products directly at Eagle’s Nest or online through their website. We offer a selection of ceremonial Cacao sourced from the distinct regions of Guatemala, each with its unique story and qualities.

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