In this 1,5 hour Shamanic breathwork journey we will use our breath to come into a state of trance.

This experience will be an ecstatic fusion of circular breathing, flowey movement, channeled soundhealing & touch.

The movement and breath allows us to charge our entire being with energy and explore deep layers inside of our subconsciousness. This journey can allow us to heal deep trauma and reprogram the nervous system into more peace. To come back to our truest essence of joy and harmony.

In the end of the journey we will surrender into a state of bliss.

About the facilitator Mila Dijkema

Mila has been working in the healing field for the last 8 years all over the world. She is a professional body worker, bio dynamic breathwork facilitator and yoga teacher.

In the last few years breathwork, shamanism and healing became also a big part of Mila’s life. She has been training and working in many healing ceremonies for the the past 3 years in Central America, Europe and Asia.

The path of shamanism and healing has given her tools to hold space for others and feel intuitively what is needed. Mila gives private & group healing and bio dynamic breathwork sessions. In her sessions she guides you in a state of trance. Her soothing voice and melting hands will help you to come into a deep state of surrendering.

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