✨ Mondays @ 5:30 PM ✨

Circle of Men ⭕️

This is your opportunity to make a step for yourself and for the 🌎🌍
Connect with other Men in a safe space where we empower each other to realize the masculine in our culture.

We bring ourselves back into the body and create from the deep consciousness within us🌀.
Followed by embodiment practices and sharings.

Join this safe container to grow and rise along side Men 🦅.

We are looking forward to truly seeing you with us in union. 🙌🏻


The proposal stems from the meetings of Marco and Joshua after participating in the previous CIRCLE OF KINGS – Men’s Group for Masculine Embodiment at the Eagles Nest by Sebastian in search of a new story, coming together to share our experience and nourishing ourselves in brotherhood, open our passions, and to the vitality in the group. We faithfully believe that dialogue between men is resignifying our purpose to align it with the potential that each one brings and thus, through sharing collective, make its body.

Memory and sense:

Our cells remember that we are made for war, to grow and die. from what other, How would we hold on psycho-emotionally if it weren’t for our own strength? Our ancestors were bred for extinction. We had to believe that making war was our way to value and provide, to offer security. As men we have a strong cultural legacy that limits the genuine and unique expression of who we are. A heritage of violence and competition with a decreased sensitivity label.

Women in this period of history are having the opportunity to review their role in society and it is an ideal moment for those of us (men) who do not resonate with continuing to feed a legacy program, let’s make a change and we can reformulate our being in society and in privacy.


The consequences of sustaining this program over time is our great wound, translated into anger and fear. We are afraid of the truth, of our shadow, of our history – we repress so much.

Our emotional world so that in the idea of not hurting, we end up doing exactly that. Today there are plenty of acts of violence that exclude us men from something very important, the reality is that we individually need to heal. For that we need to be heard, find a space to talk, where stop holding empty certainties, where to stop evading ourselves and our fears can be received and not judged. At least one man who accepts you as you are is enough to be able to advance on this path, each hug we gave and received is a gesture of recognition.

What is the proposal?

A Circle of Men. Open to beings with a penis and testicles, of any gender and orientation sexual.

The Nest of Kings is a sacred space to open up in a real Brotherhood.

As the Eagle, we rise together in the mountain to transmute and bring the healed masculinity out in this world.

The Circle is created to really see you in your Essence.

We are gonna create and hold through word circle, body language, Meditation and Breathwork.

Format and program: Discursive-practical. Experiential

Where: Eagle’s Nest in the Secret Garden

What is needed: an open heart

Price: Donation go toward locals

: Marco Altieri and Joshua Sting

Hi. I’m Marco Altieri Zubiarrain:

I’m a Music Producer, personal development and Physical-Training guide currently located in San Marcos.

My passion is to generate small changes to recover the union of communities within culture, and natural roots. through my practices , experience and knowledge together creating big changes.

I’m strongly guided and inspired by phylo-astrology and the Mayan calendar. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, i had experienced in medicinal plants, phytotherapy, meditation, Ayurveda, dancing, music, training, teaching in different cultures, traveling the world since 2013. Besides all the personal develop programs, the big shift that help me to be here with joy and men supporting, was 4 years ago, since I dated a woman committed to equity, deconstruction of roles, and questioning the naturalization of social violence, I met men’s circles, I had the opportunity to participate in several and a Latin American meeting of anti-patriarchal men, where I experienced, Experiential exercises, reading, tantra philosophy, opened me to the path of rethinking and recovering from my sensitivity, especially my integrated nature, both feminine and masculine empowered to co-create. All this and more inspires me and now I feel the responsibility as others did for me to be available to these circles.

One Love

Hello my name Josh,

I’m a long life student of life and love. Every day gives me the chance to experience who I truly am or think I am. As my profession I am a holistic Coach an help people to fulfill there life’s what ever ever that means for the person. I work based on Body, Mind and Soul and love to see how people conquer there life’s and life there purpose for a greater good for this world.

Mens Work was and still is an important part of my personal and my customers journey. More then ever it’s needed for us Men to step up and own our stuff. In an sacred space I’m looking forward to really meet u from the core.

Much love


…we come together to rise

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