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Join Atlachinolli Experiences every Thursday to strengthen your channels for connection. Using multiple schools of thought including Tantra, Authentic Relating, Elemental Practices, and more, we will examine and explore how we bond, play, and share our journeys. Join us in co-creating a shift toward collective authenticity and interconnectivity.

Rafa and Alexandra met whilst producing events and creating spaces for people to connect on a soul level with “Soulful Tulum,” and later, with “Music Under the Stars. They fell in love through open-hearted authentic communication, surrender and the desire to grow through challenge and overcome fears through intimate relating. They share these tools as well as tools for finding your own inner union of masculine and feminine, to reflect that in the outer union of connecting with a beloved. This couple’s unique approach focuses on understanding and experiencing dualities, in order to unify and transcend dualism. They utilize powerful workshops, retreats and travel tours that get you up close to the elements, your fears, your blockages and your own inner power.

They are both graduates of International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), The Tantric Way Series by Gaia Ma, Tantra Meets BDSM Levels 1&2 and certified Tantrikas by Yoga Loto Rojo. They are Certified WAV1 Freedivers, Janzu Water Therapists and Yoga Instructors that specialize in creating transformational experiences and events, guiding others to their highest potential.

Through direct experience, Rafa and Ahlee also lead us to shed the various taboos and preconceptions around sex, sexual energy and sexuality. They utilize Conscious Sexuality, Tantric Practices, Authentic Relating and more, as crucial tools for building powerful connections with self, source and others. They teach channeling, harnessing and even amplifying one’s own sexual energy for an improved quality of life and intimacy. As one embraces their vital life force energy, and integrates the inner self, it becomes reflected in their daily life and in the ease of which they connect with others.

Rafa and Ahlee

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