Want to live your dreams surrounded by like-minded visionaries in Guatemala?

We want inspiring, motivated, skilled individuals to join the Eagle’s Nest team for 6 months,
who will bring value to the community (at EN and beyond), while they themselves receive
an immense value, experimenting and collaborating with others.

Skills & Value to Bring to the Eagle’s Nest

We are looking for Master Magicians who have already found their specific areas of expertise. We have special needs and goals for each position. Please send us your portfolio or examples of your work. Please be really specific on your trainings, certifications and work experience for the position you are applying.

If you are applying for Yoga Teacher, please apply on the area “Co-Create with us” of our website.

  • Photographer / Videographer

  • Storyteller / Writer & Content Creator

  • Graphic Designer

  • Sound Tech

  • IT / Web developer

  • E-Learning Specialist



  • Master craftsmen & women looking to apply their magic to a high serving vision/conscious
  • Must be 75% available daytime (i.e. if you run your own business you must be mostly
    available Monday-Friday 10-5pm)
  • Must have skills that support our list of roles (see above)
  • Must have at least basic Spanish (to hold a simple conversation), ideally fluent
  • Must be an influencer in your domain (social network, social media and/or charismatic)
  • Must have a well-being practice (or multiple) – either a personal practice or one that you
  • Must be open to living on the edge – expanding your comfort zone – living comfortably
    uncomfortable – whilst nourishing your body and soul
  • Consider yourself highly skilled at one or two crafts. Willing to learn other crafts
  • Incessantly curious and passionate about evolving, taking care of yourself, serving others
  • Willing to commit 6 months to this program
  • Comfortable living in community, sharing a dorm space with others in the program
  • Must have your own cell phone that’s capable of tethering data for your computer. We recommend Tigo Prepaid which only costs $13/Q99 per month for 13GB.
Good Fellow Qualities

Their Journey:

  • Motivated, Passionate, Inspiring energy, Team workers. Deep desire to serve others
  • Curious and embodied, recognizes the importance of play
  • Community oriented. Caring. Willing to ‘wash an extra dish here and there’ and shine a
    light onto others
  • Connected to other communities
  • Curious, HUNGRY for change – for more
  • Excited to work towards their higher self with the help of a coach
  • Self-starter/motivated, committed, radically self reliant

Their Skills and Willingness

  • Relevant unique skill set, Professional Experience, Good at what they do, influencer to
    relevant audience
  • Great communicator
  • Variety of interests & skills & experience, willing to be flexible to wear multiple hats
  • Educated, lived in multiple countries, cultivated, multi-lingual
  • Physical vitality, movement skills, healing practices for the body and mind

Our Value Proposition

  • Expected hours to input 20-30 per week (approx. as we don’t do hour accounting)
  • Some positions may have income opportunities where there is extra input
  • Access to all activities and guest facilities at Eagle’s Nest (value of program USD500-2000
    per week)
  • Access to our network, and being tagged on our influential social media network.
  • Perks in our community (for off-site events)
  • 3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day
  • Vibrant next-level community on-site (and off-site)
  • Explore with us the cutting edge of community creation and curation.
  • Part of the Eagle’s Nest “familia” – an “insider” of all our community world-class event
    productions. You get to co-create with other magicians.

If after reading about our program you still have questions prior to applying, please reach out to us directly at [click for e-mail].

Think you’d be a good fit? Fill out this application form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have the chance.


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