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INCLUDES:🥗MEALS🧘‍♀️CLASSES💃EVENTS – See below for the list of events included.

Sit back and relax as you enjoy the scenic views of Lake Atitlan from high in the sky at Eagle’s Nest. Our location combines the wild and rustic nature of the jungle with beautiful spaces to eat, lounge, and play. Community lifestyle & co-worker space is the vibe at Eagle’s Nest. Welcome to our immersive all-inclusive (meals & classes/event) residency experience.

Retreat facilitators, please use this lodging category to book your group’s stay, as it INCLUDES:

  1. Exclusive use of indoor Shala space for your group (teaching and/or activities).
  2. Invitation to book teaching slots on our iconic platform for your private retreat classes
  3. Ability to request extra sauna sessions


  • All Meals (B.Fast/Lunch/Dinner) – delicious and healthy vegan, vegetarian & meat (once per week) meals, prepared by the local community staff in our café kitchen.
  • Best Internet in town (15Mb Down/25Mb Up) – giving you full accessibility to stay connected.
  • All-Inclusive Program (All classes, workshops & community events) including daily yoga, weekly ecstatic dance, sauna, movements arts, etc.
  • Inspired & Artistic community – You’ll be part of experiencing & creating a vibe of inspired & creative living.
  • Home-Grown Coffee – Grown on our land & processed by our community coffee mill
  • Guest Kitchen (additional to meals already provided) – stocked with a fridge, pots, pans, a gas range, blender, and utensils.
  • Sustainability Conscious – Solar hot water showers, Compost Toilets, Bio-Construction.

For detailed schedule please see our Events section.


  • Walk along the trails to find secret nooks and swings.
  • Cleanse yourself in our stunning outdoor shower surrounded by lush forest.
  • Dive into your personal practices with fun and engaging workshops and events.
  • Experience Sustainable Living w/ our shared composting toilets
  • Whatever you’re into, there is a place for you with us.

Book Now – All Inclusive Private Rooms or Dorms – Panoramic views of Lake Atitlán
See below for the list of events included.

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Your stay includes 3 vegetarian/vegan meals per day (breakfast, lunch, & dinner), 2 daily yoga classes per day, and free access or discounted access to our activities; namely:

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