We are so pleased to announce the Solstice 2022 Music & Arts Festival line-up at Eagles Nest.

What an honor it is to be hosting a potent festival on these ancient Mayan lands. We welcome you to experience the breathtaking beauty and culture of Guatemala 🇬🇹 with us. 💛✨

This lineup offers a diverse range of musical acts, producers, and artists from all over the world that align with our mission => to connect through art and elevate our collective consciousness through creating immersive, life changing experiences. 💫🔮⁠

We cannot wait to welcome you back to Lake Atitlán and the Nest to celebrate the essence of life, art and community with you all! ⁠

Ticket prices rise on the 21st of each month, or when the tier sells out, whichever comes first.

🏷️ Early bird ticket prices
increase on the 21st 📅
of each month 🌋

For off-site lodging click here.

(Solstice tickets not included)

Yoga Fire & Circus Ceremony Workshops

December 19+20+21

<< Line-Up >>

Beats Antique (DJ set) Liquid Bloom Tâches Anatolian Sessions Kr3ture Oveous Omerar Nanda Just Emma Yemanjo Nickodemus I.Am.Nãda Onanya Catori Submersive Tribe AnTēk Colectivo Adakt Yooni Sideway Sarasvati Dasi Magisus Byron Rod I.M.Fast Manta Dub Selector Habeski Root Flute PhiRex Urqui & Roro Mixwell Tor Drum Circle Geminy Beatriz Da Paixão Gyma Awakened Heart Music Kirtan

<< Visionary Speakers / Artists / Facilitators / Performers >>

Maly Plaga Studios The Fungi Academy Araminta Sensorial Ella Avidor Astrid Ahlee & Rafa Mila Sapphira Skye Cacao Source Greg Clough Khaleesi The Eagles Nest Circus Rhabb Allison Keiths Cacao Nicholas John Bauer Chrystee Walter Quiacaien

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Signature Experiences