✨ Tuesdays @ 5:30 PM ✨

Cacao ceremony with medicine songs, medicine music from Brazil and sound Healing with 7 quartz crystal bowls.
A powerful ritual of healing, transformation and manifestation.
For you looking for a new and unique experience in Guatemala

Sound Healing with Cacao, it is a therapeutic experience of 1:30 hours of session, being individual in group.

$40 usd to be paid to the facilitator on the day of the workshop on-site

About the Facilitator:

Beatriz da Paixão is a holistic therapist, sound healer, guardian of cacao medicine, fire dance performer, dentist, producer of medicine festivals and cacao ceremonies. He brings the message through his service that healing can be done through love, through subtlety. Remind everyone to listen to the voice of the heart. It elevates the being through nature’s medicine, fire crystals and cacao. Works with energy and multidimensional healing. It seeks to bring in its sessions the spiritual re-connection, with the essence that dwells in each being. Its human design is reflective and its mission is to work with healing. Through cacao ceremonies, sound healing with quartz crystal bowls and crystals of the Plêiades, it tunes the being to its highest frequency and medicine: Love. Seeks to bring self-knowledge and self-healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. With love you are at the service of humanity and planet Earth.

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