✨ Tuesdays @ 5:30 PM ✨

You are invited to come and enjoy the immense resource your body is, through a both guided and free embodiment & dance journey. Azul is a path of reawakening our inner knowing, self acceptance and power through spontaneous movement exploration. Come experiment your dance with self as a way to meet and deepen your human and divine Experience. We’ll use sound, movement and breath as precious tools to reawaken our natural embodied awareness, to relax, listen deeply, express freely and surrender to a greater knowing which carries us right into the current of Life. Opening, letting go, making space…till we are able to tap into that precious silence where the Moment is met in Totality!

Q100 to be paid to the Teacher on the day of the workshop

About the Facilitator:

Lia Sheyen

Mine is a path that has started first of all to respond to my own need to know myself, my personal story, and to understand the deep discomfort, insecurity and anxiety I have dealt with most of my life. My self growth path started in 2014 with psychotherapy, yoga and sitting meditations but it was only later through the exploration of conscious movement and conscious dance such as Osho’s active meditations, Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms, Azul Conscious Movement, Gurdjieff’s Sacred Dances, Bioenergetics, Breathwork…that I was able to tend to my physical and emotional blockages from a more holistic point of view – through practices that would give my body the chance to express and release what was hidden under the surface of my mask of serenity. The more I deepened my understanding of conscious embodiment and the enormous healing and self knowing that comes through it, the more passionate, alive and authentic I felt, recognizing myself in it and feeling called to explore it more in depth by engaging the path of becoming a teacher myself. I completed the training to become an Azul teacher in 2020, and started holding space for others self exploration journeys through conscious movement.

Conscious and spontaneous movement are practices of self-exploration that cyclically help me to strip myself of roles, to cry, to rejoice, to laugh at myself, to transform, to abandon myself to something greater that is beyond control … They support me in embracing my wonderful and imperfect humanity, to feel alive and to move with life, whatever it brings!

Over the past years I have been blending all my passions for meditation, art, nature and dance in a project I called “Wild Dancing”, by offering conscious dance sessions immersed in the woods and forests of Italy: a sacred and safe space for self inquiry and free expression to reconnect to our authenticity and vitality through spontaneous dance, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

I also am a certified Laughter Yoga Leader and a Forest Therapy facilitator in training, and I love laughing and having FUN in life. The choice I made is to take every precious moment I’m given not only to exist, but to deeply Enjoy, to be Available, to take responsibility in creating the experience I want to be living, squeezing out the juice of life and Living to my fullest!

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