✨ Wednesdays @ 1:30 PM ✨

I, Britta, have the intention to create and hold sacred and safe space for women in order to let them feel seen, be heard and supporting each other to remember our true nature, our true essence, our truth.

On my journey as an osteopath, meditation and yoga teacher and women circle space holder, I experienced phases and moments of overworking and imbalances inside my own inner feminine energies. Not only that I experienced and re-balanced myself from those experiences with powerful tools of sharing circles meditation and energetical work, I also hold space for a lot of women, to reconnect with their inner feminine.

A way of empowerment, remembrance and living a life in alignment with their cyclic female being.
A women circle is a place and container where we as women come together to shed and rebirth ourselves.

Why do I think and truly believe that a women circle is so important in our modern lives and especially in our modern society and world ?

On one side society and culture development brought us big abundance in our material lives, but also created a huge disconnection from ourselves as women from parts of our being.

On the other side nature, Mother Earth is calling us as humans so strong, so take care of here and is asking for support. This calling means that there is that there is a cosmic and collective need of bringing balance into the divine feminine and divine masculine energy’s on this planet.

A women circle is a exactly this place where we as women gather together not only to support and heal ourselves in community, it is a place where we gather our feminine energy in order to bring also healing forces to and for Mother Earth.

What will the content of the women circle be like ?
I will host the circles in a form of ceremony with an example of the following themes:
⁃ Sharing circles
⁃ Moon circles (New Moon and Full Moon)
⁃ Gratitude and Forgiveness
⁃ Slowing down
⁃ Reconnect to the forces of nature
⁃ The archetypes of a women
⁃ Speaking our truth
⁃ Yoga Nidra for Women
⁃ Womb Healing and Guidance
⁃ Blood mysteries
⁃ To be continued …

How will the circle look ?
In 2 hours I will hold space in form of an opening, circle ritual or meditation in the center and an closing. I will use tools like music instruments, herbs for cleaning the space and us as women’s and create on every circle an altar for offering and our prayers in order to give thanks to Mother Earth. With all my heart and following my purpose of being here on this planet, I commit to this path of supporting each other as women’s.

Lots of Love,

Britta Schwinger

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