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Solstice Festival - Music & Arts Festival - Lake Atitlán - Guatemala

Inspired Living

Featuring Eco-Lodging, Scenic Restaurant & Café, and Epic Platform with Yoga Classes, Weekly Events, & Supportive Community, Eagle’s Nest is an awe-inspiring venue for the transformational growth of
adventure travellers, digital nomads, and visionaries.

Come stay in paradise and enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of living.



Upcoming Events

Greg Fly

Our Mission

Bring people together to experiment, explore & soar beyond.
Our founder
Greg Clough

Our Manifesto

Here’s an invitation to explore your limitless capabilities.
Accept what your senses are feeding you.
Do it because you really want to.
Tapping into our Godly essence.
Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.
Access the sophistication of your soul through basic living.
What’s nurturing for you will be nurturing for others.
Be honest, with yourself & others.
An imagination that knows no bounds.
We let ourself be carried by the elements…
to rediscover & reclaim our traditions.
A part of the convocation.
We are free to belong.

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