2 Murals to Enchant your Soul – Community Mural Project

It is of great excitement for our team at Eagle’s Nest to be sharing this community mural project we are behind full heartedly! 🙌

Local & National Artists support Community Mural Project

With the help of national mural artists, we took our first big steps in supporting and promoting art, artists and honoring local traditions with the making of a few large murals in Barrio 2.  This is just a beginning though, as the vision is for 50 murals all around town, that we’ll be creating over the next 2-3 years in short art festivals that will grow in size, number of murals made and number of artists involved.  We envision that this will become an international collaboration between local, national and international visionary artists.  Paving the way for artists to network therefore creating opportunities for collaborations outside of our initiatives, propelling artist opportunities.

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Eagle’s Nest events fund Community Mural Project

Throughout the year we host events for community.  Part of the door revenue is set aside for projects like these.  We are happy to be funding this project entirely from Eagle’s Nest and look forward to how it evolves over time!  Likely we will be running one or two interventions per year to advance the Community Mural Project each year, until we reach our goal.  By doing so we hope to be directly and indirectly supporting our local native & expat community community, by beautifying the town, inspiring all with local cultural and ancestral themes with the intention of elevating the touristic draw of San Marcos la Laguna thanks to the outstanding nature of these art pieces.

High Quality Visionary Art

We are beyond astonished to see how these amazing pieces of work have turned out and are so happy to be contributing to local art and beautifying the streets of San Marcos! 😍 We intend to uphold the very high quality of the art, by developing our relationship with a variety of artists.  The themes of the Community Mural Project will continue to revolve around cultural, ancestral, traditional and local Mayan ways.  This endeavor will likely spawn some workshop initiatives with local youths to encourage and promote the arts.  As the project evolves we hope to be able to run regular artistic classes and workshop, possibly under the supervision of some of the artists themselves!

Get involved!

If you are reading this and feel a call to be involved somehow, please reach out!  Especially if you are an artist or arts teacher.  Our mural projects are currently slated to run in Nov/Dec and Apr/May.  Please reach out well in advance (see contact details below).  Our team already has a project coordinator, however it is always a joy to hear from you if you have a set of skills that would lend itself to making this Community Mural Project grow over the following months and years!

Eagle’s Nest beyond Community Mural Project

This project is but one fragment that aligns with our biggest passion – which is to activate and support the creator and artist within.  We are all creators, however some of us don’t realize it yet.  We have to come to that realization first and “own” our creative force.  Eagle’s Nest is passionate towards inspiring this connection, through it’s events catered by master creators (we call them Magicians!) to infuse and inspire us all into our creative abilities.  So, if you are curious, come pay us a visit and discover what YOU are all about.

Where / What / Who?

The murals are located in San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
We hope you all get a chance to walk up Barrio 2 to come appreciate and be nourished by all the amazing, local art. 🙏💖🌹✨

Big shoutout to all the artists
@xaman_arts @diego_ixtamer_ @oneseint @garciarte7 @daest1

Community Mural Project - Artists' Team - San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Community Mural Project – Artists’ Team

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  1. micaela jarast July 27, 2022 at 3:07 pm

    I am an Argentinian visual artist living in Lisbon. I bring my art to Ecstatic Dance festivals and is beautiful to make co creations and raise up the energy together!
    I would love to be a mural artist for the solstice. I also give art workshops, nature painting gatherings, a lot tecniques (from clay & pigments, to oil and graffiti). I also do aerial acrobatics and acroyoga :)

    Instagram @micaelajarast

  2. Aeon Aurora July 28, 2022 at 12:47 am

    Ohhh beautiful familia,
    I am very excited to read about the community mural project and I would love to connect.
    Would you be able to share some more information on all requirements and possibilities to participate please?
    I am a nomadic portrait artist and I would love to collaborate, create, and co-create. There is so much beauty, culture, Art and ❤️ to celebrate, all learning from eachother while collectively inspire and uplift.
    Energia positive.
    I feel excited to explore a potential co-creation/colaboration.
    Big love, big smiles


    (I am terrible with keeping up a social media account and promoting myself but I will share my portfolio page for this occasion. I know its nowadays on social media about how much followers one has to be taken serious but this has never been my goal, I care about art, creation, people, real life connection, love, presence. Let this be enough. 💜🥰)

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