Solstice Festival Featured on Unveiling an Epic Lineup at Eagle’s Nest Atitlán

Imagine a location where breathtaking natural landscapes collide with cosmic forces, and where music and communal celebration produce a state of absolute happiness. People from all walks of life gather at Eagle’s Nest Atitlan, a hidden jewel situated among Guatemala’s magnificent mountains, to celebrate the solstice in an amazing way.

Solstice Festival

Solstice Festival Featured on

We are excited and honored to be featured for our incredible lineup of Solstice Festival on!

This transformative event was recently featured in an article by, which shone light on the unique and vibrant Solstice Festival held here. Join us as we explore the world of music and the incredible joy and connection felt during this celestial event.

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Connecting Through Music

The story on focuses on the energetic Solstice Festival hosted in Eagle’s Nest Atitlan. The festival features a stellar lineup of renowned musicians and DJs who flawlessly blend music, nature, and spirituality. The beats resonate through the lush mountains, raising everyone present and linking them to a higher, more deep reality. The music, which ranges from medicine music to groovy progressive sounds, creates an atmosphere that transcends ordinary barriers, bringing people together through a shared love of music and celebration.

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A Musical Extravaganza: Unveiling the Highly Anticipated Lineup’s article highlights the tremendous diversity and talent that awaiting Solstice Festival visitors. The announcement has a carefully picked lineup of notable musicians and DJs from diverse genres and styles. The roster promises a one-of-a-kind musical trip that defies boundaries, with everything from pounding electronic sounds to heartfelt songs and spectacular performances.

Headliners to Light Up the Stage


Be prepared to be charmed by Fejká’s hauntingly beautiful and ambient sounds. With his distinctive blend of ambient electronic music, this gifted Swedish artist has made a niche for himself. Fejká’s music takes listeners on a sonic trip that touches the depths of their souls, with delicate melodies and sophisticated production.


Equanimous is ready to fire the stage with his infectious energy and uplifting melodies, bringing a blend of electro-soul and world-influenced beats. Known for his ability to seamlessly blend organic elements with electronic tunes, Equanimous takes listeners on a rhythmic adventure that transcends genre boundaries.


Get ready for an exciting performance when AN-TEN-NAE takes the stage. This inventive producer is renowned for pushing the boundaries of bass music with his innovative tracks. The sounds of AN-TEN-NAE are a perfect blend of glitch-hop, trap, and dubstep.

Check the full lineup and stay tuned for our secret headliner to be announced.

Solstice Feature on

Solstice Festival Feature on

Eagle’s Nest Atitlan’s recent appearance in an article on emphasizes the spectacular Solstice Festival, providing insight into this wonderful celebration. This event is a memorable experience due to the combination of gorgeous natural surroundings, incredible music, cultural interactions, and spiritual connections.

Eternal Memories: Get Ready for a Musical Celebration of a Lifetime

Attendees engage on a profound voyage of self-discovery, oneness with like-minded souls, and a greater connection to the awe-inspiring beauties of our world as they immerse themselves in the festival’s joyful environment. So mark your calendars and plan to attend the next Solstice Festival at Eagle’s Nest Atitlan for an unforgettable experience.

Ready to embark on this journey? Join us for this unforgettable celebration of musical mastery and book your ticket here! A percentage of the profits from this year’s event will benefit the Mayan Youth Education Program to support the local Mayan community⁠.


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