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Beginners Yoga

If you are new to practicing yoga, there are some basic yoga poses for beginners that you should learn. These beginner yoga postures will help you get started on your physical practice and journey to better health and well-being. Since you’re not an experienced yoga instructor yet, ease into these basic poses. Once you practice yoga more and more, you can build up to more advanced poses over time. Yoga is a flexible activity, so do not worry if you cannot do every pose perfectly right away, especially since you are just beginning yoga!


Signature Experiences


Experience yoga, dance, circus arts and more above the clouds with our internationally known teachers.


Enjoy locally-grown food from our cafe made with love by our Guatemalan cooks. Healthy vegan & vegetarian options made with love.


Feel at home in our colorful private rooms and dorms with panoramic views of Lake Atitlán and its surroundings.


✰ Movement Medicine ✰ Mose Cacao Dance ✰ Solstice Festival ✰ Aguila Festival ✰ Mambe Concert


Magnets, mugs, flip-flops, notebooks, shirts, blankets, hats, totes...


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Mose Cacao

Cacao Dance is an ecstatic dance inspired community event guided by Mose

Solstice Festival

We are so pleased to announce the Solstice 2023 Music & Arts Festival.

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