Unveiling the Symbolism of the Elephant and the Boa Constrictor in “The Little Prince”

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Deserted Lands

Welcome to another exploration of the enchanting world of “The Little Prince.” In this journey, we turn our gaze towards two fascinating symbols from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s beloved tale: the elephant swallowed by a boa constrictor and the mountainous desert landscape where it all begins.

The Elephant Inside the Boa Constrictor

At the outset of “The Little Prince,” the narrator shares a drawing from his childhood—a depiction of an elephant swallowed whole by a boa constrictor.

This drawing is significant because it highlights the difference in perception between children and adults. To adults, the drawing may appear as a mere scribble or they believe it to be a hat, as they are unable to see the elephant hidden within the boa constrictor. However, to a child’s imagination, the scene comes alive, illustrating the boundless possibilities of creativity and the richness of the inner world.

The Deserted Lands as the Backdrop for Imagination

The desert serves as the setting for this drawing, as it is where the narrator’s plane crashes and where he meets the Little Prince. The vast expanse of the desert symbolizes the blank canvas of the imagination, where anything is possible.

The desert also symbolizes the harsh realities and emptiness of adulthood, where individuals become consumed by mundane concerns and lose touch with their inner child. Yet, within this barren landscape, seeds of wonder and possibility are planted, waiting to be nurtured and cultivated.

It all started at Lake Atitlán…

Did you know that it is said that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry crashed his plane right here at Lake Atitlán? During his recovery he drew inspiration from the lake and its surroundings to write the now world-famous story about the little prince.

As you look across the lake, you may notice the weirdly shaped mountain at the other side. Doesn’t it look like an elephant inside a boa constrictor?

The symbol of the elephant in the boa constrictor in the Little Prince at Lake Atitlan

Journal Prompt

Reflect on a recent challenge or problem you faced. How did you initially approach it? Now, imagine you’re looking at the same situation through the eyes of a child—full of curiosity, wonder, and creativity. How might your perspective change? What new solutions or possibilities do you see?

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Written by : Laura Born

Laura is small town girl from Germany, who decided to leave the corporate world to follow her dreams. She has since then traveled the world, teaching yoga in various locations. She is a passionate writer and loves to share inspiring stories from all over the world.

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