Discover the Teachings of “The Little Prince” at Eagles’ Nest

The Story Behind Eagles’ Nest

Inspired by the timeless tale of “The Little Prince”, every aspect of Eagles’ Nest has been crafted to embody the elements of the story. Each room and space is named after and inspired by a significant symbol from the story, offering you a unique and immersive experience. We would like to invite you to take a moment to explore and reflect as we uncover the profound teachings of the Little Prince.

Explore Through QR Codes

As you may have noticed, we have implemented QR codes throughout Eagles’ Nest. These QR codes are placed in various locations around our retreat, each one linked to a different part or symbol of the story, or the story of Eagle’s Nest itself.

As you explore our retreat, you can scan these codes to uncover the secrets of the universe and reflect on the story’s deeper meanings. Each scan invites you to see the world with fresh eyes and embrace the beauty of the unknown – embodying the archetype of the explorer. Discover the interconnectedness of love, friendship, and the human experience through the eyes of the little prince and his journey across the cosmos.

A Brief Overview of the Story

“The Little Prince” begins with a pilot who crash-lands in the Sahara Desert. Here, he meets a young prince from another planet, Asteroid B-612. The Little Prince shares stories of his travels to several planets, each inhabited by a single, peculiar adult. These encounters reveal various human follies, such as vanity, greed, and the thirst for power. On Earth, the Little Prince meets a wise fox who teaches him about love and friendship, and a rose he cherishes but left behind. Ultimately, the story is a poignant exploration of human nature, love, loss, and the importance of seeing with the heart.

The Little Prince: A Symbol of Innocence and Exploration

The Little Prince symbolizes innocence, curiosity, and the pure quest for knowledge and understanding. He embodies the childlike wonder and open-hearted exploration that many of us lose as we grow older. His journey across different planets, meeting various inhabitants, mirrors our own quest for meaning and connection in life. Through his interactions, the Little Prince teaches us to see beyond surface appearances and appreciate the essential truths that are often invisible to the eye.

Just like the Little Prince travels through the cosmos to understand more about life, we invite you to embody the archetype of the explorer and re-connect to your child-like curiosity.

The Connection between The Little Prince and Lake Atitlán

It is a widely held belief that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of The Little Prince, crashed his plane just like the pilot in the story. And believe it or not, that supposedly happened right here, at Lake Atitlán. During his recovery, he drew inspiration from the lake and its surroundings to write his world-famous book.

If you look across the lake, you may notice a weirdly shaped mountain on the other side. This mountain, known as cerro de oro (mountain of gold), is said to be the inspiration behind the symbol of the elephant inside the boa constrictor in The Little Prince.

What do you see if you look at the mountain? 

The symbol of the Little Prince Lake Atitlan

Journal Prompt

Think about a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone to explore something new. What did you discover about yourself and the world around you?

Ready to explore the rest of the story?

We hope that you find these articles inspiring and interesting. As you continue exploring Eagle’s Nest, we invite you to find the rest of our QR codes and uncover the full story of The Little prince, its profound teachings and wisdom, and the story behind Eagle’s Nest itself.


With love,

The Eagle’s Nest Team

Written by : Laura Born

Laura is small town girl from Germany, who decided to leave the corporate world to follow her dreams. She has since then traveled the world, teaching yoga in various locations. She is a passionate writer and loves to share inspiring stories from all over the world.

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