Discover the Magic of “The Little Prince” at Eagles’ Nest Atitlan

Embark on a Journey of Exploration and Wonder

Welcome to Eagles’ Nest Atitlán, a sanctuary of tranquility and inspiration nestled along the breathtaking shores of Lake Atitlán. Our space draws deep inspiration from the timeless story of “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This beloved tale, with its profound themes and enchanting characters, serves as the perfect backdrop for the experiences we create here at Eagles’ Nest.

The Inspiration Behind Eagles’ Nest Atitlan

Eagles’ Nest was born from a desire to create a space where guests could reconnect with their inner selves and the natural world around them. Much like the Little Prince’s journey across different planets, our retreat encourages exploration, reflection, and a sense of wonder. Each room and area within our sanctuary is thoughtfully designed to echo the symbols and lessons from “The Little Prince,” inviting you to embark on your own personal journey of discovery.

The QR Code Project: Bringing the Story to Life

To enhance your experience at Eagles’ Nest Atitlan, we’ve introduced QR codes all over the space—a unique initiative that brings the story of “The Little Prince” to life. Scattered across our sanctuary, these QR codes unlock insights and reflections related to the various symbols and characters from the book.

As you wander through our retreat, you’ll encounter QR codes in different rooms and areas, each corresponding to a specific element of “The Little Prince” or the story behind Eagle’s Nest. When you scan these codes with your smartphone, you’ll be transported into the heart of the story, learning more about the rich symbolism and timeless wisdom contained within its pages.

What You Can Expect

Each QR code you scan will provide you with:

  • Stories and Insights: Dive deeper into the narratives of the characters and symbols from “The Little Prince” and the story behind Eagle’s Nest itself.
  • Symbolism and Meaning: Uncover the profound lessons and meanings behind each symbol.
  • Reflective Journal Prompts: Engage with thought-provoking prompts designed to inspire personal reflection and growth.

Begin Your Adventure

Your journey begins the moment you step into Eagles’ Nest Atitlan. As you explore our space, let the QR codes guide you through a transformative experience that bridges the enchanting world of “The Little Prince” with the serene beauty of our retreat. Each scan is an invitation to see the world with fresh eyes, embrace the wisdom of simplicity, and rediscover the wonder that lies within and around us.

Join us on this magical journey and let the spirit of “The Little Prince” inspire your stay at Eagles’ Nest Atitlan. Whether you are here to relax, reflect, or rekindle your sense of adventure, our sanctuary offers a unique blend of comfort and enlightenment.

Start your journey now by exploring Eagles’ Nest Atitlan and scanning the QR codes to unlock the magic of “The Little Prince”

We look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with you and hope that the lessons from “The Little Prince” will leave a lasting imprint on your heart, just as they have inspired us in creating this special place.

with love,

The Eagle’s Nest team

Written by : Laura Born

Laura is small town girl from Germany, who decided to leave the corporate world to follow her dreams. She has since then traveled the world, teaching yoga in various locations. She is a passionate writer and loves to share inspiring stories from all over the world.

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